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International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science

Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A (2021)

Studies on formulation and standardization chakali incorporated with spinach puree


Ranjeet Chunilal Kokani, Namrata Dattatray Dohale


Chakali, a traditional savory product was identified as they are low in protein and mineral contents. Chakali is a highly preferred and most deep fried snack product in India due to its taste and easy preparation. The present investigation was carried out to standardize and formulation of spinach Chakali. Spinach is one of the most important and nutritious vegetables eaten raw or cooked it provides a very good amount of vitamins B6, Riboflavin, Folic acid, Niacin, soluble dietary fiber, omega -3- fatty acids and minerals. It is also rich in iron and it helps to prevent disease like osteoporosis, anemia, gastrointestinal disorders, stimulation in children and fatigue and also has been suggested it’s used as an anticancer agents, antioxidant and anti- cancerous. The preparation of Chakali was carried out by using Rice flour and Bengal gram flour and incorporating of spinach puree at different variation viz., T0 (45:45:0), T1 (35:35:20), T2 and (30:30:30) and T3 (25:25:40) respectively. Further, the sample were allowed to deep frying and subjected to organoleptic evaluation by using 9 point hedonic scale. Results, revealed that T3 (25:25:40) shows highest sensory score as compared with other sample i.e. T1 (35:35:20) and T2 (30:30:30) and found more superior over other treatments. Finally, it can be concluded that 50% of incorporation of puree in the Chakali is more acceptable and shows better colour, Flavour, after taste and texture. Proximate composition of Spinach Chakali were found to be Ash content 3.19± 0.03%, Moisture content 2.4± 0.08%, Fat content 26.49± 0.12%, Protein content 12.04± 0.88%, Carbohydrate content 49.80± 0.33% and Energy value 485.77kcal respectively. It was concluded that the Chakali can be store for one month in High density polyethylene pouches at room temperature and Chakali satisfy consumer’s needs.

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International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science
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Ranjeet Chunilal Kokani, Namrata Dattatray Dohale. Studies on formulation and standardization chakali incorporated with spinach puree. Int. J. Agric. Food Sci. 2021;3(1):25-28. DOI: 10.33545/2664844X.2021.v3.i1a.47
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