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International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science

Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A (2021)

Water pollution: A menace to aquatic eco-diversity and human health: A review


Yager Gabriel Ortyom


Water is a well-known natural endowed resources of life form on earth planet and recognized in industrials. However, indiscriminate introduction of hazardous substances into the environment causes undesirable effects on aquatic eco-diversity, human health and biodiversity at large. Water pollution and concentration in the aquatic ecosystem is now an undeniable fact and is one of the main environmental, social and economic issues, with more than 70% of the earth’s surface covered water. Aquatic pollutants ranges from industrial effluents, agriculture runoffs in addition to municipal sewage that are dumped in the river, gradually transferring water to be ineligible for human consumption and survival by aquatic life forms. Adoption of efficient use of potential pollutants, awareness creation, recycling, government intervention, stricter enforcement and monitoring policies will help to minimize the threats pose on aquatic ecosystem and human health. This review covers the major causes of water pollution, effects on aquatic eco-diversity and human health and mitigation strategies.

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Yager Gabriel Ortyom. Water pollution: A menace to aquatic eco-diversity and human health: A review. Int. J. Agric. Food Sci. 2021;3(2):47-53. DOI: 10.33545/2664844X.2021.v3.i2a.74
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