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International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science

Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part B (2022)

Levels of self-esteem among B.Sc. (N) final year students in selected colleges of nursing at Punjab


Jasveen Kaur and Dr. S Victor Devasirvadam


Self-esteem is the judgement or opinion we hold about ourselves. It is the extent to which we perceive ourselves to be worthwhile and capable human being. It is imperative to study self-esteem in nursing students as having healthy self-esteem can influence motivation, mental-being and overall quality of life. The present study adopted a correlational descriptive research design, where multistage sampling was used to collect data from 400 B.Sc. (Nursing) final-year students from the selected nursing colleges in Punjab. The subjects were assessed using Rosenberg's Self-Esteem Scale. The objectives were to study the socio-demographic profile of the subjects, to assess the level of self-esteem, and to find the association between self-esteem and selected socio-demographic variables. Majority of these students, approximately 77.8% were found to have a moderate level of self-esteem, while a smaller percentage, 19.8%, had a high level of self-esteem. Only a minimal proportion, 2.5%, exhibit low self-esteem. The mean self-esteem score was 17.40, with a standard deviation (SD) of 3.94, reflecting the average level of self-esteem and the extent of variability within the dataset. The median score was 17, indicating that the data's central value is close to the mean and suggesting a reasonably symmetrical distribution. The interquartile range (IQR) of 5 represents the middle 50% of the data's spread, while the minimum (Min.) and maximum (Max.) scores were 3 and 30, respectively, resulting in a range of 27. The results of the study will be useful to nursing educators whose efforts are focused on promoting the professional identity development of future nurses.

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Jasveen Kaur and Dr. S Victor Devasirvadam. Levels of self-esteem among B.Sc. (N) final year students in selected colleges of nursing at Punjab. Int. J. Agric. Food Sci. 2022;4(1):109-113. DOI: 10.33545/2664844X.2022.v4.i1b.155
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